Ramadhan has Passed….Let’s make the rest of our lives like Ramadhan…

Nadeem Ahmed Ansari

Director Al-Falah Islamic Foundation,India.

​The king of all months, Ramadan with its blessings and peace has passed from our lives. May Allah almighty bring this month in our lives repeatedly and give us the strength to wrap up its peace and blessings.

Allah almighty in this universe has established a special mechanism according to which all things are not equal to the other. If we think upon it then we will realise that if this mechanism wouldn’t have been there then our lives would have been listless.

Allah almighty has gaven superiority man among species, prophets among men, the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (saws) among all prophets.

Thus Allah almighty has prioritized some places on some other places, some moment on some other moments, some days on some other days, some nights on some other nights and some months on some other months. Offering one salah in Baitullah is equivalent to one lakh salah (Sahih Al-Bukhari:1190) while offering one salah in Masjid-e-Nabwi is equivalent to 50,000 salahs (Musnad Ahmed:1405)

In the same way the person who fasts on the day of Arafah his/her two years sins are forgiven.(Sahih Muslim:1162) and Shab-e-Qadr is better than 1000 months (Soorah Qadr:3) Likewise, Ramadan is the king of all months (Al-Mu’jamul Kabeer littibrani:8907). In this month the reward of deeds is extended by 70 fold than the other months. (Sahih Ibn-e-Khuzaima:1887)

Offering Nafl deeds in this month is equivalent to the farz deeds offered in other months.

Every night of this month, Allah almighty releases 6,00,000 people from hell.(Shoabul Iman lil Baihaqi:3603).

At the end of this month, when Muslims leave their homes for offering Eid salah, the Angels stand up for their reception at the streets and junctions.

On behalf of Allah Almighty it is announced that I have forgiven my slaves in exchange of good deeds such as taraweeh, fasting etc. Oh! My servants return to your homes in a stae that you are forgiven. (Majma’uz zawaid:2/362)

It is the mercy of Allah, which is showered on us like the droplets of rains. It is a point to think that why this specific month is so much superior?

If we think a bit then we can understand that Allah is very much Gracious on us. He knows that His slaves cannot struggle the whole year, thus he chose this month for obligatory fast and specific commands. And the remaining 11 months for Halaal livelihood.

Why fasting in this month is obligatory? Allah has answered this too; In this hope that may be we become pious and temperate. Thus, if in this month we follow Allah’s commandments and His prophets’ way then it can be hoped that in the remaining months this can be followed easily. May Allah almighty shower His mercy on us!

We think that this month is only given to us to do the good deeds and to spend the other months as our wish.

Doing so, can we become free from all obligations? If we think so then these are our basless thoughts. As it’s necessary for the followers of Hazrat Muhammad (saws) that they must believe in all the past prophets and respect them. Exactly in the same way ‘worshipers of Ramadan’ must obey Allah’s commandments in the remaining eleven months too.

It should not be that till 27th Ramadan or the last night or the salah of Eid, we remain true believers and after that go and sit in theatres. We should not bid farewell to the mosques and consider Friday prayers enough as this auspicious month passes. Doing so is a deadly demonic deception.

Salah is obligatory five times each day in twelve months of the year. But, alas, the ones who pray taraweeh and tahajjud in Ramadan do not bother about the obligatory prayers after it. The demon deceives that now you are all forgiven and you powerful gentleman have prayed enough in Ramadan, so, now handle worldliness.

My brothers and sisters in Islam! The first thing we should think that how much do we worship in Ramadan? In taraweeh after doing some sit ups and changing the schedule of lunch and dinner, what did we really achieve?

If we honestly inspect our practices, then we’ll realise that the whole Ramadan, we just shouted “Ramadan came! Ramadan came!” And we did nothing else.

Ramadan wants to bring revolutionary changing in our lives to strengthen our relation with Allah which was week.

This is because we spend Ramadhan as a festival rather than spending it as a rewardable command of Allah. The demand of Ramadhan is, at it’s end, the direction of life must change to the right path. People doing the course of religious reverence in Ramadhan if they don’t remember this lesson then this course is useless to them and contradictory to respect Ramadhan. That is why my religious brothers and sisters! Ramadhan now went through. May Allah almighty accept our fasts, taraweeh and all our good deeds. May Allah guide us to the right path. Aameen.


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